About Orthotics 74

Why Buy from Us?

So why should you get your comfort orthotics 74? Well, the first reason is price. You have probably wondered why you take $400, $500 or maybe even $600 and give it to somebody says “Here's your piece of plastic. Put it on your shoes. “ We at Orthotics 74, skilled craftsman with more than 40 years experience, think that this is just plain wrong, and have proven it to be wrong for a very long period of time.

Provided you have the skill and experience and the setup done properly, properly, the making of orthotics is not a complex or time-consuming matter. The materials cost very little and, properly molded, provide great satisfaction at minimal cost.

Speed of Service

We will have your orthotics on your feet generally within four or five business days. No longer do you have to wait two or three or four weeks while somebody sends your footprints off to the furthest possible place on the face of the earth, then wait and wait until they come back. And when they do come back and they don’t work, what then? Wait another few weeks while they go back to wherever they were made for adjustment? Do they offer you a money back guarantee? We do!

Quality Orthotics

We use the very finest quality materials, having sourced them over several decades. Like going to the sources and testing everything that is available. Mostly they come from Germany, which produces the very finest materials that are available anywhere.

No Risk to You!

Last, but not least, there is no risk to you at all. There is a free exchange or a money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied within 30 days of receiving your orthotics.

Our Process

So how can we be so confident that Orthotics74 is going to give you the foot comfort that you require? The answer is not only in the skill and experience of the Master Craftsmen involved, but also in the more than 1800 permutations from which to choose. Over the years we have tested a great variety of molds, shapes and materials from which we choose just for you! Why re-create the wheel? Rather, select the correct engineering for you!

It is not normally a complete creation exercise that is needed to help your feet. To reinvent the wheel to within millimetric precision of what you did yesterday or the day before is anything but necessary. If you go to the doctor, for example, and you have some kind of a problem, the doctor does not go out to his laboratory and concoct the medicines specifically for you. What the doctor does is select the correct medication that has been proven to work for your condition in most of the problems of a similar nature he has treated in the past.

This approach has been proven by the Experienced Craftsmen at Orthotics74. We have determined that it is not a creation exercise, for your orthotics it is actually in almost every case a matching exercise! You have feet which are remarkably similar to many other people with similar problems.

For instance, if you line up 10 people with size 9 feet, those feet are going to be very close in size and shape. Yes, there are exceptions, and there is room from time to time to do pure custom work by hand molding. But, given enough effective choices, those cases are few and far between. It is all governed by providing enough different sizes, shapes and materials with which to work. And with more than 1800 permutations on the theme, one just right for you, we are confident ours will work.

So how can they be so good if they are so inexpensive? Well, the answer again is in having created so very many different kinds of molds. The selection process allows us to put them together specifically for your type of foot and be extremely successful! It does not take long to make orthotics provided, again, you have the skills, the materials, and the equipment to make them just for you.

More than one set for all your shoes

Another thing to consider is that at these prices you probably may wish to consider having more than one set. For example, especially in the case of women, they have all kinds of different sorts of shoes. What comfortably goes into their running shoes or perhaps their hiking boots or golf shoe cannot possibly go in their dress shoes. We make many different varieties to accommodate your different types of footwear.

Easy Online Purchase – Order with Confidence

When you fill out the questionnaire we learn what kind of shoes these orthotics are going to go into. We then select the correct materials and styles accordingly. One type of orthotic cannot possibly fit all of the variety of your shoes. It is absolutely necessary to fit the correct orthotic to the correct shoe. So now that you have clicked on the areas of pain and told us a brief description of what is happening with your feet, and how long it's been hurting and so forth, it is now time to send us pictures of your feet. Please send pics of your bare foot standing on your runner insert, together with the bottoms of your foot with a coin taped or stuck to the middle.