Comfort Orthotics

comforthotics-collageOur Comfort Orthotics are designed with your comfort in mind. They come in three families for dress, casual and work/athletics. 


At these prices you probably may wish to consider having more than one set. For example, especially in the case of women, you have all kinds of different sorts of shoes. What comfortably goes into your running shoes or your hiking boots or golf shoe cannot possibly go in your dress shoes. We make many different varieties to accommodate your different types of footwear.

CushThotics for women and men are designed for the rigours of work and sport use. They can stand up to your tough work day or train with you for the full distance.

SpringThotics for women and men bridge the gap between dress and work without compromising performance. Versatility is what they are all about.

DressThotics for women and men are designed to fit dress shoes with their slim profiles and smaller footprint. They provide the support and comfort you need in a compact package.